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The first appointment is a full diagnostic evaluation that will take longer than a follow up appointment. Prepare to spend about 75 minutes. During this appointment your provider will ask you about your current symptoms and reason for your visit as well as other information, such as your psychiatric and medical history. It is best to come prepared to answer a lot of questions.

Please provide 72-hour notice of cancellation. If you are unable to make an apt due to an emergency or concern about coronavirus exposure, please contact the office right away. If you do not cancel an appointment within the allotted time, you will be charged for the full price of the appointment.

We are able to bill your insurance provider directly if you have Regence, First Choice or Premera. We do ask that you contact your insurance provider before your first apt to see if a pre-authorization is needed. If this is the case please let us know before your first appointment. If there is a pre-authorization needed and this is not communicated the client is responsible for the full payment.

You are responsible for any co-payments at time of services.

Please adhere to the following protocols in order to minimize any potential or exposure to the coronavirus.

If you wake up on day of apt with a fever, cough, or loss of smell, please cancel the apt. You will not be charged for the cancellation.

If you have contact with someone who you know has contracted coronavirus or, if you travel on an airplane please do not come into the office for a time frame of 14 days and please get a coronavirus test.

You will be expected to wear a mask for the entire appointment as well as into and out of the building.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is an evidenced based treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is an intensive process that typically takes 6-8 weeks for completion


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is an 8 -week course that will help you regain focus, re-set your attention and is an effective tool for managing your stressors and anxiety. If you practice MBSR there is a good chance that your work in therapy will go farther and last longer. We do use MBSR techniques with our therapy, however the effect is much greater if you also do it on your own.


We do recognize that many people find relief of psychiatric symptoms from the use of marijuana, however it is not something that we will recommend or provide a “medical marijuana” card. We do ask that you refrain from any marijuana use prior to your scheduled appointment.

We do have a HIPPA compliant and secure application for telepsychiatry. We are able to see our clients using this technology.