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About Us

Our company provide comprehensive psychiatric care. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, feeling sad for no reason, have racing thoughts, trouble sleeping or sleeping too much with waking up and still feeling tired. Maybe you are drinking, smoking, and eating more than you want in an attempt to make yourself feel better. Or, you could be struggling with a transition in life, new job, change in family roles, a new medical diagnosis, divorce or, grief. You are overwhelmed with information, data, and the 24-hour news cycle, feel stress, irritable, and can’t shut your mind down even though you really want to. You look at yourself in the mirror and have lost your sparkle, you feel like you are alienating your co-workers, friends, family. You want to be more present in your life but can’t figure out how. If any of this feels familiar, we can help. We will sit down with you for a comprehensive evaluation, taking time to come to an accurate diagnosis, and developing a treatment plan based on what you the client is interested in working on. We don’t have any agenda to follow aside from providing good care and doing what is best for our clients.

Liquid Sunshine is able to prescribe psychiatric medications however we believe in prescribing the lowest dose possible that is effective. If you are already on several psychiatric medications and think it’s too much, we can work with you to taper off medications in a slow and safe manner. Psychiatric medications do have their place, and when combined with psychotherapy, you increase your chances of getting and staying better. We are able to provide both at Liquid Sunshine.

Liquid Sunshine has experience in using mindfulness techniques to help reset your attention. We are able to teach you to use guided imagery and breathing techniques as a way to manage stress that you may be feeling. This can be used in conjunction with medications and other psychotherapeutic techniques to help bring about a sense of balance, calm, and control back into your life.

We have an interest in working with people who have experienced traumatic events and may have a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some of the symptoms of PTSD are feeling numb, having disturbing memories that come out of the blue and make you feel like you are reliving the trauma all over again, nightmares, startled by loud noises, and wanting to avoid anything, anywhere, and anyone that reminds you of the trauma. Shana Cantoni has special training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), which is an evidence-based treatment for PTSD. This is an in depth adventure that we can embark on together to help you reprocess the old, disturbing memories. You the client have the control and Shana Cantoni is your guide as you slowly lift the lid on your painful past.

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